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SuperNova Casino Reviews: Online gambling websites are becoming the new buzz in the market. Most of the people who are enthusiastic about gaming are becoming more versatile and trying to play online.

This new attitude of theirs is supported by the leading websites all around the world which support online gaming and gambling. In relation to this, we talked about regular gambling websites and their reviews on a daily basis.

This is done so that our readers can make informed choices so that their money is not invested somewhere fraud. Today we are going to be talking about an online Casino website which was launched in 2016. This was done by Blue Media in the particular year.

Let us read more about SuperNova Casino so that we can tell you all about the reviews and how users have felt about it throughout the time.

Is SuperNova Casino A Safe Platform To Play?

Whenever we talk about online gaming websites, the major concern is losing the money out of fraud. It is only because of this why most of the enthusiastic people are even afraid of playing online. However, in most of the trusted websites, there is safety and security of money.

And this is often reflected in terms of the building customer confidence and loyalty which they possess. Talking about the licensing of the casino, it can be easily sad that this platform is completely genuine to play on. The casino has been a licensed in Curacao.

This happened in 2016, and now we are way ahead of time. During this period, people had a reluctance to accept this new casino as they were still stuck in their previous choices.

However, with time, people have come to trust the Casino and be attracted with more offers and promotions which it takes out regularly. Because of this, it has seen a building customer confidence during the past years.

It has also been supported by a large variety of games which it offers to the users. There are a large number of other factors which also have proven favorable to this Casino. This has been supported by a large extent to the consumer base in the USA. Apart from this, the casino is also operating in many other countries. Let us look at all these factors in details now.

SuperNova Casino

Slots And Games:

One thing which is very prominent in the eyes of users is the fact that the slot and gaming variety should be vast. This has been increasingly made popular so that the customers do not get bored no matter how much they try to play.

Considering this fact, the staff has made it very recognized amongst the people that their slot collection is completely distant from all the other casinos. There is a large variety of options from the slot games which you can choose from. Obviously, the casino is filled with a range of 3 reels and 5 real games.

Due to this, the increasing number of features and storytelling options which are available are attracted to the customers. In all the slot games available, the large variety of bonuses and promotions which are offered timely is also an attractive option.

Now obviously, the three reels and 5 reels gaming options which are available at the casino websites do not enthusiast people so much anymore. This is because they have become very traditional and common in almost every platform.

Considering this, SuperNova Casino has made an attempt to introduce I slots. New customers can make use of this amazing feature introduced by the Casino. Even if you don’t think that these ideas are appealing to you, then there is a large variety of other options available. Some of these are, costume party, panda party, heavyweight gold, as the reels turn, etc.

Others Games:

If you go beyond the slot games which are most popularly played by the gaming enthusiasts, then the choice of options available to you have not yet ended. SuperNova Casino has a wide variety of table games available for you to choose from. In total, there are 10 table games through which people can enhance their experience.

For instance, these games have a very authentic look and feel which helps the customers to have a real-life gaming experience even while playing online. There are large betting options available and a multifaceted service is available to all the customers.

some of the table games include Blackjack, Baccarat, American Roulette, European Roulette, red dog, etc. All these games are available at a multi-handed format.

When it comes to poker games available at SuperNova Casino, the story is more or less the same. There is a wide variety of single-handed options available for the customers. With the help of this, they can play single-handedly with large betting options.

There in total 7 machines to play on, and some of them include Jacks or Better, Joker Poker, and Double Joker.

When we talked about the gaming selection at SuperNova Casino, the variety is still not yet over. There are still a large variety of specialized games and poker games available. One of the most love games by all the users is Sudoku. This can be played quickly and easily won. Other scratch cards and Gambling games are also available.


One major part of any website is how much it is possible to all the new as well as existing users. The users are going to be attractive to potential casino website only if they offer enough flexibility to be played from different devices.

Open, gambling is considered to be a hobby amongst the gaming enthusiast. Therefore, only those websites actually stay in the long run in business which offers large flexibility to the consumer base.

When it comes to SuperNova Casino, then we assure you that it will offer you the maximum flexibility you could ask for. Obviously, you can play games anywhere 24/7. There are a large variety of options of the devices from which you can play online.

In addition to this, the games can also be downloaded and instantly played online, whichever is possible for you. When such a wonderful option is available to you to play Casino at all times, then you can definitely boss about your gaming experience when you are here.

Customer Support Service:

Now, this is a very versatile option which one person might really consider. Mostly, almost all the consumers tend to overlook this option because they do not find it really important. However, if you have been playing online Casino for a while now, then you might know the importance of customer support services and reliability.

SuperNova Casino offers customer support services in 2 languages. This means by the customers can have a wide variety of choices available through the modes through which they can connect to the customer executive.

The support executives are available 24/7 through many mediums. This includes online chat, email and phone number. If the queries and questions that the customers have in mind are general, they can scroll through the FAQ section on the website of the Casino. However, if you feel that your queries are not being answered through this medium, Then direct support is also available at all times.


When it comes to the promotions and bonuses offered by SuperNova Casino, then the customers are really very much satisfied. When you are first joining the website, there are two options for welcome bonus available to you.

You can choose anyone from the following options as a welcome bonus according to the account which you have gone for.

The first bonus allows you to have a welcome bonus of $500. This is the maximum amount of the bonus which you can receive from a minimum deposit of $25. According to this bonus, the deposit will be multiplied by 100% and credited into your account.

As per the rules of the casino, this bonus can only be utilized by playing specialty games as well as slot games. However, it cannot be utilized for playing poker or table games.

On the other hand, there is another option for a welcome bonus which gives you 150% of your deposit up to $750. Again, this bonus is to be utilized by only playing the slot games and specialty games. One major rule of the casino is that you cannot withdraw any amount from your account while you are clearing this bonus you have received in the beginning. Therefore, one must be patient in this case.

Apart from this, there are weekly promotions and bonuses which the casino declared from time to time. Once you join the casino, you will be used to this schedule.

The Bottom Line For SuperNova Casino:

It can really be said that with the versatile options of banking options available, customers will have a wonderful experience playing online.

Also, the games can be downloaded and played on any mobile device for a laptop, so there is a wide range of flexibility there as well. Overall, the casino is a safe platform.

SuperNova Casino-1

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