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7Reels Casino Reviews & Login:

7Reels Casino is an online Casino company. It is one of the many domains owned by BlackNoteEntertainment Group Limited. This is a group of highly trusted enthusiasts for online Casino. People who wish to play online Casino always prefer a domain which is safe enough to make a deposit and receive amazing payouts. With reference to this, this casino is a perfect website for those people who wish to play online Casino anytime that they want.

Offering many bonuses and promotions to its users, 7Reels Casino has great recognition and customer loyalty from a large number of people throughout the world. However, if you belong to the US or the UK, then you cannot play games with this casino because it is banned in both of these places.

The casino offers and options of thousands of games of different categories for its users. This ensures that the users are kept enthralled throughout the gaming process, without getting even bored a bit. Joining the website is pretty simple too, hence, users can benefit from this.

Now let us analyze all the features and characteristics of this casino to find out if it will be worth for you to play here or not.

7Reels Casino : Scam or Not

It is generally regarded as one of the safest ways to play online Casino. The website has been established in 1988 until now it has gained a lot of respect and recognition from all the users throughout the world. Due to it attractive payout for another promotional service, the casino has become famous among a large number of people. Hence, most of the people prefer this gaming website as compared to others.

This Casino will obviously not be considered a scam because it has generous payouts with amazing offers and bonuses for its users. Therefore, we cannot say that it counts in the list of the casinos which you should never visit.

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Considering the high reliability and safety that the casino offers to the customers, it can be concluded that 7Reels Casino is not a scam but a genuine gaming website which you can refer to. Hence, it offers a high competition to all the online Casino websites which are present to date.

Offers from 7Reels Casino:

This casino offers many regular promotions and offers to its users to keep them interested. Some of the offers are specified below.

  • When you join the website, you will be given a free bonus of $60 without even making your first deposit. However, you will be restricted to the usage of this bonus amount. You can use this only on pragmatic games. Also, there are certain restrictions on the payout limit as well as other factors.
  • You can get a claim on the first 5 matches which you play with 7Reels Casino. This claim is available on all the games which are offered by the Casino. Also, you can access this claim anytime and anywhere you want.
  • There are certain offers which the casino gives to its players on the day of Sunday. This offer is known as super Sunday on which people can play with the amount of below or above $200 with different percentages of matches.


Apart from the above mentioned offers comma there are many another promotional advertisement switch 7Reels Casino offers to its users in order to keep them interested as well as to attract new customers to play.

  • Full house Friday, magnificent Monday, and wonderful Wednesday are some of the promotions that 7Reels Casino On these days, the users can choose a bonus which day would find suitable as per their bankroll, and then use it as a claim on any of the days which they want.
  • Apart from this, the casino organizes a special tournament for its users. In this tournament, it offers generous Price amount which the people playing can avail if they play with intelligence. The tournament gives price amounts ranging from $700 to $7,000.
  • If you are a part of the VIP club, then you will be benefited from other offers that the casino gives.

Deposits And Payouts At The Casino:

The deposit, as well as the payout at the casino, are very flexible. The people playing with the casino can use various methods of payment for depositing the account as well as for withdrawing it. The casino offers safe and flexible methods to the users for their convenience. People can use debit cards, credit cards, prepaid vouchers, houses, e-wallets, and other payment options.

Intermediaries like PaySafeCard and Neteller ensure that the customers can get safe and fast payment. Therefore, it can be said that the payment mechanism which is adopted by 7Reels Casino is completely safe and convenient for the users. It is factors like this which established a level of customer loyalty as well as brand loyalty to the Casino.

Flexible payments and withdrawal method or something which makes a casino attractive to the users. The payout is also very attractive as well as the promotions which have already been specified above. Hence, it can be said that the casino offers great advantages to the users to keep them interested forever.

Games And Slots:

The casino offers a variety of games for the users to choose from. They can access this website directly from the browser without the need to download or install any kind of software. This ensures a safe and convenient play of online Casino. There are a variety of slot games as well as card games. After fulfilling some requirements, customers can also access to the online Casino with the live dealers.

The interface of the website is very flexible and user-friendly. This ensures you will not have any trouble accessing it. You can easily choose from the variety of amazing games available always to keep you interested. Hence, now you can play your favorite board games and Card games whenever you want, wherever you want.

You can easily access the bonuses and promotions which you have been given and use them in your favorite games. Also, you can add new and new games to your collection as and when they are launched.

Customer Support:

24/7 customer support is available to the customers for there queries to be answered. With the help of this customer support, people can get there queries answer within few seconds. Either you can go and write an email to the casino, or you can refer to the live chat. If you go for the live chat, the respondents will be there for your service within just a few minutes. Even if you decide to email the casino, they will be responding super fast without any delays.

Apart from this, there is also a frequently asked question and answers section. In this section, you can find the answers to some queries which are common to a lot of people. Hence, you will not be left alone in times of trouble when it comes to 7Reels Casino.

Security & Regulation:

7Reels Casino is a registered and licensed Casino. It has been posted by people for almost 30 years now. It is registered in Costa Rica. Therefore, the people who belong to the US or the UK cannot access to this casino because it is restricted in their countries.

Apart from this, you can have full satisfaction with the security and regulation purposes of this Casino. They use amazing systems to make sure that the details, as well as the information of the customers, are not leaked from anywhere. Also, since you will be getting fast payouts, there is security and regulations for payment services as well.

7Reels Casino Android Application:

Still, now, no mobile application has been launched by the casino. However, going by the latest updates, it can be said that we might get to see the mobile application for this casino soon. Till then, you can easily access to all the games and play them with the easy interface by going to your browser and playing directly from there.

The mobile application is expected to be launched in the year 2020. Till then, you can easily access to all the games by going to the official website and signing up from there. Joining the website is very easy with a user-friendly interface, which allows you to play games anywhere you want with complete ease.

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Final Verdict:

7Reels Casino a safe and reliable domain for you to play online Casino. The casino offers some exciting bonuses and promotions to its customers to keep them interested and attracted. Even the customer support services are very attractive and responsive, which ensures that the users are not left alone in times of trouble and queries.

The wide variety of games which are made available on the website are very interesting to choose from. You can easily compile your favorite games and play new challenges as and when they come up. Hence, if you prefer online Casino, then 7Reels Casino is a website which you should definitely check out.

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